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Acupuncture- insertion of stainless steel into acupuncture points to enhance the body’s healing potential.

Chinese Medicine– Chinese herbal remedies specific to the patients diagnosis


*Chinese Dietary Recommendations–  Dietary recommendations based on the patients condition.

*Moxibustion– A warming therapy using Chinese Mugwort herb to increase circulation and decrease water retention.

moxa*Cupping– A technique that consists of placing cups over an area to create a suction creating better circulation, reducing muscle tension, and drawing out toxins.


*Guasha– A technique that involves light scraping of the skin with a porcelain spoon which will reduce muscle tension and help expel sickness.


*E-Stim- Also known as Electrical Stimulation, applying a pulsating electrical current to acupuncture needles. The goal is to stimulate the acupuncture point and move blood stagnation.


*Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture– mini needles placed in the ear to help with many conditions such as weight loss, drug detox, and more.

ear acu(*) Included with price of treatment.