Acupuncture increases Serotonin – Acting as a natural anti-depressant/mood enhancer.

Calms the nervous system – Reducing stress hormones thereby improving sleep, digestion and more.

Increases Opioid Peptides internally – Giving your body an intrinsic feeling of pleasure, relief of anxiety and GI discomfort.

Allowing yourself time just for you – Self-care and honoring your needs always helps.

Regular Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbs can not only manage stress response but help the brain achieve a chemical balance.

Seeing the stress melt away from a patients face after treatment is one of our favorite things!

Acupuncture also helps to battle PTSD, PPD, OCD, bipolar, ADD, and phobias. Mental & emotional imbalance can be so debilitating and consuming. You don’t have to do it alone, let us help you get your life back. ❤️