I had horrendous sleep issues, using medications with worse and worse results. Someone recommended Liz. At the time I had nothing to lose and no expectations and really knew nothing about acupuncture. My goal was to just sleep and get off medications. Boy am I glad I did! Liz implemented a plan of acupuncture, herbs and supplements. I’m now getting restful deep sleep, something I didn’t think possible several months ago! I highly recommend Liz and her thoughtful caring practice! Thank you!!
James E

My journey with Liz began five months ago to help me with severe back pain and crippling sciatica. American medicine failed me with numerous spine injections, opioid pain relievers and a failed spine surgery. Liz showed me that there is another way to heal. A non invasive way. No knives, injections or drugs. All you have to do is allow her to help your body heal itself. My only regret is that I wish I had started treatment with her a year ago. I highly recommend Liz for whatever ails you. She is kind, down to earth and a very good listener. I’ve been pain free for two months now with no end in sight. I lost 35 pounds and no longer on pain meds. Thank you Liz for showing me the light and wish there were more than five stars!!!

Jim P

I have been able to completely stop taking my medication! I have very little pain if any. It is amazing and life changing!


Bill sought out Acupuncture care to find relief from his constant bloating, reflux, and stomach issues. These digestive issues also caused low energy. Bill had been taking Nexium for a few years and still suffered with reflux symptoms. Within 2 months of Acupuncture care and Chinese herbs Bill’s digestive system balanced, he was able to completely stop taking Nexium, and has ample amounts of energy!

“No more bloating, lots of energy, and overall feeling of general well being! “

Bill B

I have had terrific, long lasting results with LK Acupuncture!  I firmly believe it is because Liz is treating the entire person, not just outward symptoms!  I am a true believer in assessing all aspects of a person’s life (mind, body, spirit) and determine how it is affecting wellness and treat from the inside out!

Donna V

I have a greater sense of health & wellbeing without chronic pain!

I can manage my pain without analgesics!

JoAnn M

Kim presented with debilitating symptoms that prevented her from keeping up with her busy lifestyle. She was taking Cymbalta, Plaquenil, and Naproxen every day for 2 years without much relief. After 2 months of care using Acupuncture and Chinese herbs- Kim is off all of her pharmaceuticals, pain free, and has her quality of life back!

“Acupuncture has changed my life! I am off all of my prescription medications. I have no pain! I feel great! Liz uses a holistic approach to her treatment and is compassionate and kind! This was the best decision I made for my health. I got my life back!”

Kim S

My dizzy spells started in 2014. I had several tests done; EKG, blood tests, 24-hour heart monitor, ENT referral and all tests came out normal. The last step was seeing a neurologist who misdiagnosed me and put me on medication, which did nothing for me. I decided to give acupuncture a shot and after 12 sessions with Liz including guasha and cupping, I could not believe it!  I started feeling better. I have not had a dizzy spell since the beginning of March. I am so blessed to have found Liz! She is one of a kind! It’s almost weird to feel normal now!!


Been Receiving Acupuncture treatments from Liz since January and I have had great results with my neuropathy and my all around health has improved, I’ve also lost 25 pounds.
Thx Liz

Bill Bean

Liz is the best! She helped me so much get through my pregnancy with my daughter and has continued to help me 2 years later. I always feel amazing after leaving Liz. I would highly recommend her.

Michelle Cullen

Liz is amazing! Acupuncture is amazing and very beneficial!

Jessica Montella
I injured my back several years ago from slipping on ice which led to scapular winging. Since then I experienced many flare ups that were so bad that I had difficulty raising my right arm over my shoulder. I was told that this would be an ongoing issue and that physical therapy is my only option at this point.
With my most recent flare up, I decided to try acupuncture. Liz was amazing! After the first visit, I began to feel some relief. When I was doing physical therapy it took several weeks to get relief. By the third visit, my scapula was no longer noticeably out. I am definitely a true believer in acupuncture!
Jackie Mary

Liz is an amazing healer! I’ve had treatments from many different acupuncturists and she has a very gentle technique.

Kelly Nicole

Liz is a compassionate and true healer. She has helped me come off of migraine meds and has kept complications from MS at bay. She is just simply the best!

Julie Goslin

Incredible pain relief! My neck is much better after suffering for years after an accident.

Tammy Polka O'Connor

So glad I found Liz! She has helped me with back pain, calf pain, helped manage heart burn, among other things! She as also helped my husband who has been experiencing pain for several months due to herniated discs in his neck. Thanks Liz!

Rachel Clancy Thiakos

Acupuncture with Liz has helped me in so many ways I can’t even list them all! PMS symptoms were originally what brought me in, and I’ve had such an improvement with cramps, mood swings, bloating, hot flashes, and other symptoms. Acupuncture did wonders for my hormones. Another issue I had was constant fatigue. I rarely made it through the day without a nap, sometimes even when I had only been up for two hours, and sometimes I would nap on break at work. It feels amazing to get through a day without feeling like I could fall asleep at any minute. Throughout the course of my treatment I had some random aches and pains as well, and Liz always addressed those for me,too. I can’t even say enough good things about Liz and her work, she helped me address so many problems that doctors either didn’t have answers for, or just wanted to medicate me for. I would reccomend her to anyone!

Sara Spengler

I loved my time with Liz! She’s so thorough and works on exactly what needs mending. With her help I was finally able to stop taking Prilosec, which I was on for 10 years. I’m so thankful for Liz and her acupuncture treatments!!

Tina Prihar

Liz is unbelievably amazing!! I went to her when I was 3 days shy of my due date, and had the dreaded induction looming. I immediately had the utmost confidence in Liz, as she was so thorough, attentive, and positive. I saw her in the afternoon, and she worked her magic and apparently hit every point perfectly, as I went into labor that night!! I cannot recommend her and her services enough!

Lisa Warren Tansey

My goal this year was to get off of the two medications I was on and to become a healthier version of myself. Liz has helped me meet these goals. She is very knowledgeable and very caring. I was so impressed with her that I now have my daughter seeing her as well!

Jeri Pius Savaria

We took our son to Liz after a life threatening accident for some pain relief. After one appointment he felt amazing. Now 5 of the 6 people in my family go to her.

Betsy Ann

I have been going to Liz since June 10th. I started seeing huge changes in my body for fertility after only 4 sessions. I have been through a lot the last couple of months and Liz has been so thoughtful and caring and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She goes out of her way to check in on me personally and make sure I have everything I need. She listens and really cares about her work. Acupuncture is amazing and has really changed so much for me. I highly recommend acupuncture and Liz! She is the best and I don’t believe anybody could top her.

Nicole Napier

Five star experience every single time! She is professional, compassionate & very skilled! Do yourself a favor & go see her!

Shelby Watson Koester

Liz is AMAZING. I love going to see her and she is truly the most helpful and caring person. Highly recommend.

Melanie Mannerino

I’ve been a patient of Liz at LK Acupuncture for over two years and have experienced excellent results! Joint pain from osteoarthritis is at a minimum, and yearly bouts with at least four sinus infections have been reduced to just one. Liz is in tune with her patients’ needs and treats the whole individual She is both professional and caring!

Laura Rogers

I can’t say enough good things about Liz and her practice. Acupuncture has definitely been a game changer for me. Personally, it’s helped me minimize stress and anxiety, improve energy levels, and reduce inflammation. There are multiple people in my family who also go to Liz for acupuncture, and they have seen incredible improvements as well. Give it a try!

Paul Kocsis

Since I began treatment with Liz, my migraines and tension headaches have become a thing of the past. My chronic digestive issues are now only an occasional yet manageable flare-up. I had a number of irritated, red patches of skin that did not respond to any topical treatments I tried prior to seeing Liz. Within the first month of acupuncture, the redness completely cleared up. I believe acupuncture with Liz has helped reduce my anxiety and continues to help me manage stress more efficiently. She is an absolute professional and I recommend her without hesitation.

Danielle Kane

Acupuncture with Liz has improved the quality of my life immensely. I have a lot of arthritis which now gives me little pain and discomfort. My joints do not hurt and I feel more flexible than before. IBS is under control. Liz is concerned about my total well being.. I greatly value her knowledge, expertise and friendship.

Audrey N Anderson

Both Liz and acupuncture have been life changing for me. Liz always goes above and beyond the call and has helped me manage my anxiety better. Actually, because of her, I have become much healthier and stronger in both body and spirit. She always puts her patient’s health and well being first and foremost. Liz is also very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, listening to my needs, and offering sound advice to fully maximize my acupuncture results. I feel truly blessed to have found Liz and am grateful to her for helping me become a much better ME!!

Sandra Kocsis-Rogalski

I have been going to LK Acupuncture for a couple of years. Liz is outstanding! She is very professional, a great listener, and gets to know her patients. Liz has helped me tremendously with my health ailments. She provided an initial evaluation, listened to my issues and concerns, and developed an individual treatment plan.

Each session provided more progress and I enjoyed additional benefits of less anxiety, better sleep and more energy. I continue to see Liz as I feel her treatments enhance my journey to better health and well-being.

Dana Burke

I spent over a year trying to cope with silent reflux, anxiety, stress, and debilitating headaches. Then I found LK Acupuncture! Liz has been a life saver for me! Under her expert care, in less than a year, I finally have my life back! She is knowledgeable about Chinese medicine, compassionate and caring. She goes above and beyond for her patients and truly cares about their health and well being. I feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful healer!

Debbie Obecny