Reiki is the healing practice of the Universal Life Force, Qi.
It helps heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This healing technique allows the practitioner to channel energy by means of touch to promote the naturally present healing responses in the body. It helps to process the built up or blocked energy and emotions within us, and it helps by replacing depleted energy within the body. Thus it helps to more clearly navigate ourselves, aligning dreams, hopes and wishes with action. Reiki allows the recipient to self-heal and restore holistic well-being, within a safely-created environment. Reiki is an act of co-facilitating healing—both practitioner and recipient working together. We are all human in nature… we have scars, wounds, joys and bliss within us. We all have the potential to heal, and the potential for love and compassion. Through Reiki, it is Tess’s intent to create a genuine and protected healing space for the highest good of all concerned. She does her best to be a clear channel to enable clients to heal themselves. She works with the main energy centers of the body, the chakras, to balance and better understand the potential healing that can occur. Tess is trained in the Japanese line of Usui Reiki.
Love Knows No Bounds Ask and ye shall receive.
What does Reiki Treat?
-emotional imbalances -mental health symptoms -reduce pain/pain management -recovery after injury or surgery -hormonal imbalances -grief support -addiction -trauma-restore vital life force energy -supports immune system -detoxify internal systems -moves stagnant energy -sense of well-being -deep relaxation -improves mood -reduce stress
Tess was introduced to Reiki as a teenager by her now spiritual instructor and Reiki Master, Mary. Tess is a certified Reiki Master, and believes self-healing, gratitude, and helping others are the root to a well-balanced lifestyle. Tess is drawn to the holistic approach of healing because it focuses on all parts of a person, and aims to treat the root cause as well as symptoms. She enjoys meeting new people, learning new things, and seeks to remain open and willing, living life one day at a time.