Our Staff

Michaela Lacko, MSOM, Licensed Acupuncturist

Hello! I’m Michaela, LK Acupuncture’s associate acupuncturist, and I am so happy to be here.

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from DePaul University in 2012 and have since made a career shift to natural medicine after my interest in science and skincare encouraged me to take the risk. This led me to Midwest College of Oriental Medicine where I graduated with my Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and a second bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. Liz and I both graduated from the same school making it a lot of fun to collaborate on treatment protocols.

The greatest experience of my career was at John H. Stroger Hospital, in Chicago. I worked in the pain clinic treating patients for a variety of pathologies ranging from fibromyalgia to nerve damage. It was fascinating to observe the correlation between physical pain and emotional trauma, and how holistic care can address both simultaneously. The most impactful lesson I learned at Stroger is that patient education, and human dignity, are as important to healing as the diagnosis and treatment protocol.

Currently, I am working towards my specialization in Chinese dermatology and cosmetic acupuncture. This fall I will attend the Mazin Al-Kafaji Dermatology Seminar, which will expand my understanding of treating skin conditions with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I am most excited to develop my own facial protocol and assist patients in reaching their skincare goals! When I am not in clinic, I enjoy hiking (in true millennial fashion) with my dog Jasper, and gardening. I grow cucumbers from the seeds that my family brought when they immigrated here from Italy. This inspires me, in the kitchen, to challenge myself to make whole food plant-based versions of family recipes. I have surprising success with desserts that I decorate with fresh flowers.

I look forward to working with you and achieving balanced health!

Michaela Lacko, MSOM, Licensed Acupuncturist

Mary McGrath *BCTMB *LMT *HHP *RMT

Mary is renowned for her compassionate and healing touch. She has completed ADV3, which is the highest level of CST currently offered by the Upledger Institute. She is also a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Health and Fitness Coach with a nutritional focus as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist with Board Certification through NCTMB.

Qualifications: *BCTMB *LMT *HHP *RMT

License Number: State of Illinois Massage Lic 227.003218

Years of Teaching Experience: 23 Years:

List of Associations: One World Reiki, ABMP, NTCMB. AADP

Services Offered:

*CranioSacral Therapy, *Therapeutic Massage, *Hot-Stone Massage, *Reiki, *Reflexology, *Acupressure, *Healy Energy Sessions, *Nutritional Guidance

To schedule with Mary call or email:

Telephone: (708) 323 7880

Email: marysprogram@gmail.com

Mary McGrath *BCTMB *LMT *HHP *RMT

Tess Hupfer- Reiki Practitioner/Receptionist

I enjoy writing, nature, coffee, and spending time with loved ones. I believe self-healing, gratitude, and helping others are the root to a well-balanced lifestyle. I have experience with energy healing and practice reiki. I am drawn to the holistic approach of natural medicine because it focuses on all parts of a person, and aims to treat the root cause as well as symptoms. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. I seek to remain open and willing, and to live life one day at a time.

I graduated with a Bachelors in English from Governors State University, and have completed Level I, II, and Master Level Reiki courses.

Tess was introduced to Reiki as a teenager by her now spiritual instructor and Reiki Master, Mary. Tess is a certified Reiki Master, and believes self-healing, gratitude, and helping others are the root to a well-balanced lifestyle. Tess is drawn to the holistic approach of healing because it focuses on all parts of a person, and aims to treat the root cause as well as symptoms. She enjoys meeting new people, learning new things, and seeks to remain open and willing, living life one day at a time.

Tess offers Reiki services at LK Acupuncture!

Tess Hupfer- Reiki Practitioner/Receptionist

Teresa Garzelloni- Office Manager/Receptionist

Teresa has been with LK Acupuncture from the beginning. She helps manage day to day clinic duties and help staff with any concerns. Patients look forward to seeing her and love her kind energy. She also has taken on the job of nanny for Liz’s baby Levi! We are so blessed to have her!

Teresa Garzelloni- Office Manager/Receptionist